Rucha Mulay is a lot of things at once. She is a hands-on mother, a successful businesswoman, and Pilates and Barre expert (a dance form that is a combination of Pilates and Ballet techniques). For her, fitness is the cornerstone of her identity. An air-hostess turned entrepreneur who has gone from success to success in her flying career, she discovered her fitness ideal in the Pilates form through sheer coincidence. But what may have started off as a chance encounter, has today become the force that is redefining the fitness stories of thousands across Pune, in the form of Rucha's 'RPilates Studio'.

Having the experience in the London Pilates studio became the germ of an idea - to bring Pilates back home to Pune, and to give back to her city in her own way, by showing them the amazing transformative power of this fitness form.


Starting with simple mat Pilates, Rucha's hard work paved way for the expansion of her studio to include advanced Pilates equipment, including the Reformer, the Trapeze, and many others. Today, her studio boasts some of the best clientele in Pune, covering all age groups and all fields - doctors,
footballers, models, athletes, artists, housewives, and mothers - all of whom have chosen to make Pilates their fitness mantra.

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